Porsche Parts by Jeff mobile app

Many of you have asked for it and today we are proud to present the Porsche Parts by Jeff mobile app for Android and Apple iOS devices!

It is a simple but useful app that is free to download and does not contain any ads. You can search for parts/prices and filter the results by Porsche model, shop country and sale items.

We will add more features to the app as we go.


Do you have an Android smartphone and/or tablet? Then you are in luck because you can just go to the Play Store and search for "Porsche Parts by Jeff" and download our app there.

You can also go directly to the Porsche Parts by Jeff Android app page.

Don't forget to write a review of the app in the Play Store.

Apple iOS app

Unfortunately Apple has rejected our mobile app for the App Store because they feel the app is too simple. This is of course ridiculous because you Porsche guys should be the ones deciding if the app is worth while. There is a lawsuit against Apple for this abuse of power.

Luckily there is still a way you iPhone/iPads users can use the Porsche Parts by Jeff app. If you fill in your e-mail below we will register you as a "tester" of our app. You will receive an invite by e-mail to install the app using TestFlight (Apple's official test app). You will be able to use our app like any other app. Test seats are limited so get yours while you can.

We will also use this list as a petition when we appeal their decision. How can they reject an app that has a lot of users that have actively registered for it...

Apple for our Apple test app here.