Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we get asked a lot.

1. What kind of website is Porsche Parts by Jeff?

Porsche Parts by Jeff is a price comparison website specifically for Porsche parts and accessories. It's probably the biggest online catalogue for Porsche parts in the world.

2. Do you sell Porsche parts?

No, we only link to products on other websites that sell Porsche parts.

3. Who is Jeff?

Jeff is an Australian guy who builds cool cars (911 RSR, Datsun 240Z, VW Beetle, Alfarrari) in his home garage and shoots Youtube movies while doing it. He is an amazing talented DIYer who does everything himself from bodywork, engine building, paint and sewing interiors. He runs the Youtube channel Home Built By Jeff which has 65k subscribers as we speak.

4. Why is Pelican Parts not listed?

We have spoken to Pelican Parts and unfortunately they have decided that they don't want their catalogue listed on this website. If you think they should be on this website, please tell them that by contacting them on this page. Only you guys can change their minds.

5. I know a good Porsche webshop I would like to see listed on

Please contact us through our contact form.

6. I run a Porsche webshop I would like to be included on

Please contact us through our contact form.

7. Who is behind this website?

Well Jeff of course but I am the one who built this website and the system behind it. My name is Reinier Korth and I am a car enthusiast and professional web developer from The Netherlands. I have had the idea for a car specific comparison website for a while. I love to work on my own project cars (Focus ST Wagon, MX-5 NB and Datsun 280Z) and I know from personal experience how expensive and difficult it can be to track down the parts you are looking for. So I thought a website like this would be a great idea but I also knew I would not be able to reach enough other car guys to actually get users on the site (I suck at social media). So I decided to reach out to Jeff who I had been watching on Youtube for over 2 years. He thought my idea had merit and that a Porsche website was worth a try so together we started this project where I do the technical stuff, he does the promotion and all the other things we do together. It's pretty cool to work together with a personal hero :)